Should i buy new or re-upholster

As the old saying goes, age brings character but it’s not without its problems. That counts for furniture as well. When it comes to a favourite piece of furniture that’s starting to look a little worse for wear, the choice is often between replacing it with something new or giving it a fresh lease of life by reupholstering it. It’s never an easy decision, so we’ve pulled together a guide to help you decide when it’s better to reinvent or reinvest.

Is it a high quality item?

Reupholstering can transform a worn piece of furniture – but it can’t work miracles. There has to be a solid foundation to work with; if the damage goes further than fabric or leather deep, then reupholstering can end up as a false economy.

Are you looking to save money?

Reupholstering can be a great option if you’re looking to save a bit of your hard-earned cash – a fully reupholstered sofa can often be less than half the cost of buying a new one. Just make sure the structure of the suite is still up to scratch before you take the plunge!

Do you want to update the look of an item?

As well as breathing new life into a much-loved piece, reupholstering has the added benefit of allowing you to reinvent the look of an old item of furniture. With a vast array of fabrics and patterns to choose from, you can create a custom item of furniture that retains its soul but has a new style that fits your home today.

Do you care about the environment?

We’re all looking to do our bit for the environment and reupholstering instead of buying new can have a huge positive impact. Building furniture from scratch takes around 1000-times more CO2 compared to refurbishing an old piece and over 150,000 tonnes of sofas alone make their sad, weary way to landfill each year. If you can, and want to, save a much-loved item from that ignoble fate, you’ll have the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you’re doing a bit for the environment.

Do you love the item?

Some items, whatever they are, just hold a special place in our hearts. If you have a piece of furniture that has sentimental value to you – one that you just can’t bear the thought of losing without at least trying to save it – reupholstering can help it play a part in your life for years to come.

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