Interior Design is for Everyone

Who are we? We are an Interiors & Carpet Business based in Bridge of Weir, Near Glasgow.

When most people think about seeking the help of an interior designer, they zero in on aesthetics: wall colours, window treatments and pillow patterns. But that’s just scratching the surface of what we as designers can add to a home. We will go beyond cosmetic concerns to ensure that a space feels harmonious throughout, from its flow through a room, to the last texture, tassel and tuft.

No two clients are alike, and we have experience of designing interiors from rustic farmhouses to beach-side getaways to exuberant manor houses. We don’t design with a fundamental aesthetic that remains consistent throughout. For example, we enjoy working with both neutral plain palettes and also bright bold patterns. We are here to help with any home project no matter how large or small, from picking out some blinds to redesigning a whole home.

“Your home may be one of a kind – each room should be, too. We have some ideas to get you started.”

What we as interior designers do.

We will envision, plan and create spaces in a way that makes them both beautiful and functional. We will balance aesthetic considerations with practicality to reflect the clients’ lifestyle, set the desired mood, complement the home’s architectural features, and ensure that you the client are happy with your living environment.

Why come to us?

You may have a clear vision for your home, but we can help you bring it to life while making sure it satisfies your desired outcome. A trained eye and a creative mind-set allow for devising solutions that you might never have imagined, and attention to the tiniest details will transform your space into a haven that looks polished and pulled together.

What will it cost?

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t assume that seeking the help of a designer is beyond reach. We happily offer a complimentary in store consultation and will help you source furnishings and decorative accents.

What will help the process?

If you spot a room you love when browsing through Houzz or Pinterest photos, save them and bring them in to show us, its often easier for someone to explain what they want through images rather than trying to explain it.

Even if you have trouble articulating your desired look, these pictures can instantly show us a sense of what you are looking for. We will be able to highlight specific points of the design that resonate with you and use those as guidelines. Alternatively, show us examples of colours, motifs and furniture styles that just really are not your style and this can be equally helpful.

“I Don’t want to get rid of my current furniture.”

Not willing to get rid of your favourite three piece suite or that certain piece of furniture that has been in the family for years? Bring in photos for us and we can transform these family favourites to blend seamlessly with your new interior. We can re-upholster furniture with our vast collection of fabrics that can all be found in store. There is something for everyone!

If you are thinking of taking on a new project in the home, let us know.

If you’re remodelling or just fancy a change in a room in your home, include us from the beginning and we can help you with tough decisions and where to start. This way, the harmony within the interior between ideas of yourself as the client and us as the designers will find more success.

Look toward refreshing down the road.

Even the best design doesn’t stay current forever. At Baytree Interiors we can offer advice on how to tackle this issue, whether that involves simply swapping out a few accessories, reupholstering furniture or choosing new paint colours or wallpapers. There are simple tricks that can transform an interior and we are here to help!

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