Buying the right carpet for your home

Countless colours, utterly endless options for underlay, and a fantastically wide range of fibres – choosing the right carpet for your home can be a complex decision! Don’t worry – we’ve pulled together some top tips to keep you one step ahead.

Think about the room

Every part of your house serves a different purpose and your carpets should reflect that. When it comes to bedrooms, comfort, cosiness and softness top the list of requirements. A good-quality wool-mix woven carpet will leave your feet feeling like they’re in a palace when you step out of bed in the morning.

For children’s rooms, look for a soft carpet in an attractive colour with a stimulating design. Make sure it’s easily cleaned, though – accidents do (and will) happen. A nylon carpet will give you a great mix of all of the above.

Your living room will be heavily used, so carpeting that can handle a lot of traffic is the go-to choice here. A tufted, looped pile is a good option, combining a luxurious feel underfoot with a hard-wearing fabric. If you have pets, though, opt for a tufted twist carpet instead – looped pile and claws don’t mix well!

Don’t underestimate underlay

Underlay is arguably just as important as your carpet. It’s a shock absorber, adding cushioning and comfort underfoot, keeps in heat and could help reduce your energy bills. It also helps a new carpet to sit properly and wear evenly. Simply put, buy the best your budget will allow and you’ll extend the life of your (very carefully chosen) carpet. Oh, and if you have teenagers in the house be sure and invest in underlay with sound insulation. Trust us!

Choose a design that you love

Now for the fun part – choosing the colour and design of your carpet! Do you want a colour that stands out, or one that blends in with the rest of the room? Plain carpet may seem like the safest choice, but there are more vibrant carpets to match any style and room as well. This is the perfect opportunity to add fun and colour to a room – be bold!

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