When it comes to creating a space you love in your home, the little things matter. A perfectly positioned rug can transform a study into a luxurious hideaway; layers of lighting from lamps and candles can bring drama and intrigue to any room; and the right soft furnishings can leave you longing to return to […]

As the old saying goes, age brings character but it’s not without its problems. That counts for furniture as well. When it comes to a favourite piece of furniture that’s starting to look a little worse for wear, the choice is often between replacing it with something new or giving it a fresh lease of […]

Some things in life are best left to the professionals. In the same way that there are many, many reasons why you shouldn’t tackle your own root canal (ouch!) or cut your own hair (causing potentially more tears than the dentistry!), when it comes to redesigning the interior of your home there’s something to be […]


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