Interior Design Back to Basics

Our last blog discussed how useful and effective the use of Houzz and Pinterest could be. However, Yesterday a client came in store readied with magazine clippings of all of their favourite ideas.

This is great to see as an interior designer and brings us a sense of nostalgia of when gathering your favourite ideas and inspiration was far more basic a method. Physically cutting out the pages or specific images you are fond of is artistic and creative in its own right and can further inspire you in your interior design journey.

It is sometimes easy to forget how much of a personal touch that designing an interior can be when you simply click like or pin and send images of interiors you like to an endless pile of others you have swiped past in a matter of minutes.    

We welcome and encourage our clients to bring in their inspiration in this form. It truly is great to see and a joy for us to look through with you!

Come in today and share your ideas with us whatever form they take and we will help make these ideas into reality.

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